April 2018 – The Cineasta Digital crew is once again part of the new season of UFC President, Dana White’s series, “Dana White: Looking For A Fight” This series is produced by the UFC and Fresh Cut Films, directed by the very talented, Rory Karpf and DP’d by Charlie Askew. Cineasta’s Dean Camara, has been one of the cinematographers for this show since Season 1 and for the past couple of episodes, not only provided cinematography and aerial videography for the series, but has editing some scenes as well.

“This show combines everything that is great about shooting at this level, the travel, the action, the fun, the people and the things we can’t talk about!” says Cineasta’s, Dean Camara. “I have been shooting MMA since 2009 and to be part of this crew and this show, is a culmination of everything I have been working towards.

The first episode of the new season has Dana and the boys heading to Cabo San Lucas for spring break and to check out some local Mexican fighters. While in Cabo we did everything from Tequila tasting, to swimming with dolphins and to top it off, it was a great night of fights.

Check out the trailer here:

Full episode here: