Vinny is ecstatic about the teams’ victory.

Recently, The Stockton Record & Gatehouse Media partnered with Cineasta Digital Productions to produce 7, short documentaries featuring the winners of the 1st annual All Star Preps Best of the Record awards banquet. The Cineasta Digital cameras were all over the San Joaquin county, shooting both student athletes as well as coaches and teachers.

Thomas Lawrence, the sports reporter for The Record had this to say about the project. “We hired Cineasta to do videos about award winners for our inaugural Best of Preps sports banquet in Stockton, as well as doing a day-of shoot of the event. The videos were not only a success, but moved viewers to tears.”

The one-night extravaganza was held at the Stockton Arena on the main floor. It was hosted by the Stockton Record and featured a one-on-one sit down with Oakland Raiders QB, Derek Carr. The videos that Cineasta produced were featured to introduce the winners and tell their story in just a short amount of time.

“I really saw these videos as seven short documentary films,” says producer, Dean Camara, “We had to show an impactful story, in a short amount of time and convey why these stories were picked among all others.”

Vinny and the team celebrate.

One story that stood out the most and was certainly a favorite of the Cineasta team was the Heart and Hustle award video. This year’s award went to Vinny Torrice, an East Union senior with Down Syndrome who was on the Lancer playoff winning football team.

Despite the tremendous obstacles he had faced throughout his life, Vinny, a long time Lancer fan, had the opportunity to join the team his senior year. He had suited up, practiced, and helped the team in any way that he could. Earning a rare trip to the playoffs, the Lancers were deep into the 4th quarter when something unexpected and magical happened. Coach Willie Herrera looked to Vinny and asked if he was ready. “Yes,” Vinny exclaimed, as he eagerly rushed onto the field…If you want to know how the story ends, watch our film here.

“This is where personal stories with the backdrop of sports, is sometimes the best stories there are to be told,” states Dean. “Vinny’s story epitomizes that.”

On working with Cineasta Digital, Thomas Lawrence of the Stockton Record said, “The work of the Cineasta Digital Productions team speaks for itself. The footage is stunning, the transitions are professional, the interviews, are superb and their work is filled with humanity. I’d bring aboard Cineasta again in a heartbeat for any project that fits their skill set.”


Coach Clifton goes over his next play.

Screenshot from Alisha’s All Stars video feaure.

Catrell powers through for the layup.