The walk to the cage

Doing battle in the cage

Dana White welcoming another fighter to the UFC.

April 2017 – Cineasta Digital’s In-house cinematographer, Dean Camara, has been part of producing MMA related content since 2008. In the last 2 years, he has been part of the small production crew that produces “Dana White” Looking for a Fight”. LFAF is the UFC’s on line reality program where Dana White, UFC President and UFC veterans, Matt Serra & Din Thomas, travel the globe looking for the next big thing in MMA. It’s a hybrid reality/travel/comedy/mma show and it’s always an adventure.

LFAF is produced by First Row Films and directed by Rory Krapf ( The Book of Manning, Snoop & Son & I Hate Christian Laettner). Along with DP & Editor, Charlie Askew, Dean takes on the role of cinematographer, with an emphasis on the fight action in the cage. In this 2nd season, Dean has also provided aerial footage with his DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Previous episodes have been in Alaska, Maine, Texas and the latest episode at the world famous Sturgis Bike Week, it is available online now for your viewing pleasure.