02/09/17 – The third week of February is always an awkward time for Cineasta Digital’s, Dean Camara, because for the past 16 seasons, the time from August to late January has provided a wild ride and travel schedule as a freelance cinematographer for NFL Films. With the amount of content the NFL produces for all major broadcast outlets, NFL staffers and freelancers alike are always on the go. So once the Super Bowl comes and goes, it just stops…no airports, connecting flights, drunk fans and most of all, no football to shoot! What is one person to do?

“Sleep.” says Dean. “I want to sleep….a lot! The travel schedule is grueling, unpredictable and is not fun to hunt down missing gear cases in airport terminals or fedex depots or the bowls of some hotel at 1am..but it’s what it takes to do what we do and not many get to do it!”

The NFL Season ended in Houston Texas this year with Super Bowl 51, where Dean was fortunate to be one of the cinematographers chosen by NFL Films to shoot the game. It is the biggest stage in sports television and only your best will do.

“It was a complete honor to be part of this crew, the people, the relationships you build and the bonds that are formed, it goes well beyond any ol’ football game.” said Dean.

But just because the football season is over, it does not mean the work slows down for Cineasta Digital and it’s creative team. After Dean wakes from his nap, there is a shoot schedule with projects that may just take up to the next football season to complete!

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Camera Position for SB51